Apollo Laboratory

Toxicology Testing

Working in collaboration with healthcare professionals, we create customized testing options for our client’s specific needs. We offer both comprehensive panels and a la carte options. Apollo’s testing options are designed to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our methodology and technology are the standard for accuracy and efficiency. Patient samples are analyzed utilizing our proprietary methodology created by Apollo scientists.

Our processes are optimized for delivering better results more rapidly through the intelligent application of technology. The utilization of cutting edge instrumentation and methodology unique to Apollo, ensures healthcare professionals make informed confident decisions.

The use of immunoassay screening for drug classes such as amphetamines, barbiturates, opiates, benzodiazepines, and others allow for a first stage analysis prior to confirmation. Apollo offers EIA reflex to LC-MS/MS technologies to report both qualitative and quantitative results.

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Benefits of Toxicology
Assists providers with:

  • Monitoring patient medication compliance
  • Detecting possible negative drug to drug interactions
  • Preventing drug diversion
  • Preventing drug misuse or abuse
  • Detecting use of illicit drugs
  • Protecting the patient, payer, and provider


  • The first step of a 2-step confirmatory process
  • Grouped by class of drug
  • Initial immunoassay screen reports qualitative results (positive or negative) based on established cut-off concentrations.



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