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Our Core


Our Mission is to provide high-level solutions to physicians, staff and their patients with exceptional customer service, clinical and technical support and the commitment to positive patient outcomes.

Apollo Laboratory was founded on a single principle, to offer clinical laboratory services which provide healthcare providers with actionable results at the highest level of accuracy and integrity. We focus on accuracy while providing exceptional customer service from specimen collection to rapid result delivery.

Our goal is to provide the medical community with valuable clinical data that can improve quality of care, patient outcomes and positively impact the rising costs of healthcare.

Apollo Laboratory is committed to exceptional care and attention to each specimen.

We are a high complexity CLIA certified clinical laboratory dedicated to empowering providers with accurate, rapid results and unsurpassed client satisfaction. Our innovative technology and utilization of best practices assist healthcare providers make sound treatment decisions with confidence.

We believe our success depends on the strength of our client relationships and service.

We offer customized toxicology and molecular testing options that can be tailored specifically to meet our client’s needs.

We focus on delivering the most clinically relevant information to help providers improve patient quality of care.

Apollo’s knowledgeable account management team works with our clients to build a custom program that best suits the needs of both patient and provider. Training and support is provided on an ongoing basis to produce successful outcomes.

Our laboratory has implemented stringent quality assurance controls to ensure accuracy of test results and confidentiality.

Precise, Accurate, Rapid results achieved through state-of-the-art technology and testing methodologies.
• Direct and immediate access to results interpretation.
• Teams dedicated to rapid EHR interfaces, and exceptional technical support.
• Superior customer service with professionals standing by to serve your needs immediatelyx

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